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My Methow Electrical Energy Documents of Interest

This purpose of this webpage is to host a collection of public documents relating to annual reports, balance sheets, financial statements, and budgets for PUD's and Coop's in the Pacific Northwest.

Okanogan County Electric Coop (OCEC) Documents
OCEC 2011 Budget
OCEC 2010 Form 7
OCEC 2010 Audited Financials
OCEC 2010 Budget
OCEC 2009 Cost of Service Analysis (COSA) Note: 7mb, view in MS Excel in full screen mode
OCEC 2008/2009 Financials
OCEC 2006 IRS Form 990 (size 10mb)
OCEC 2007 IRS Form 990 (size 15mb)
OCEC 2008 IRS Form 990 (size 30mb)
OCEC 2009 IRS Form 990 (size 30mb)

Okanogan County Energy Inc. (OCEI) Documents
OCEI Articles of Incorporation from WA UBI db
OCEI Annual Report from WA UBI db
OCEI 2010 estimated statement of revenue calculated from OCEC Independant Auditors report

Other Annual Reports and Financials
Okanogan PUD 2010 Budget
Ferry County PUD 2010 Balance Sheet
Ferry County PUD 2011 Budget
Pend Orielle PUD 2009 Annual Report
Orcas Power & Light Coop 2010 Annual Report
Glacier Electric Coop 2009 Annual Report

RUS - Rural Utilities Service Loan Documents
USDA Rural Development's Electric Programs
PART 1710 General and pre-loan policies and procedures common to electric loans and guarantees
PART 1714 Pre-loan policies and procedures for insured electric loans
Rural Electrification Loan Interest Rates
Guide for Preparing Financial and Statistical Reports for Borrowers
LIST OF MATERIALS Acceptable for Use on Systems of Electrification Borrowers

Links About PNW Electric Rates and Increases
Current BPA Wholesale Power Rates
Future BPA Power Rates now being formulated for 2012
Western Oregon Electric Coop Rate Increase Oct 2010
Western Oregon Electric Coop Rate Schedule

Links Of Interest for Cooperatives
NRECA - Cooperative Principals
Seven Principles of Cooperatives
Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice
A Blog - Nonprofit Joint Ventures
Joint Venture Pitfalls Between Tax-Exempt and For-Profit Organizations